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July 4, 2014

F(X) RED LIGHT Inspired Makeup

I love grungy looks and was so hyped when I saw that (fx) came back with RED LIGHT along that kind of look! I decided to go ahead and try doing a look inspired by the video as I thought their concept was amazing.

First off, decide which eye you want to make up. You will not do your eyebrows on that side as well. Afterwards, you decide which eye you want to wear lenses - if any at all.

Once you've decided that, let's get on to the tutorial :)

For the lips, apply a red color and blend out the edges.
You can choose to do a subtle gradient which I have made a quick tutorial for HERE.

Once you got your makeup did..
Find some chain accessories and rock this look!

Don't forget to take photos too!

Hope you liked the tutorial!
Let me know if you try out this look, cuz I'd like to know ;D or tweet/instagram it!

And obvi, I'll leave you with their music video.


July 2, 2014

NYX Round Lipstick SWATCHES

Lipstick adds a finishing touch to any look. And depending on the color the entire feel of the look can change! I had an urge to go get some and I've wanted to get the NYX Roundstick lipsticks because I like the brand a lot. It's drugstore priced yet the quality is on par with mid-high ends!

I got myself 4 lippies in Medusa, Black Cherry, Haute Melon and Pink Lyric.(fyi: I got them from cherryculture, I'll link it below)

Pink Lyric is a fun bright pink. And I mean BRIGHT. Hot pink or barbie pink would describe this color perfectly.

I got Haute Melon as I wanted something orangey-but-not-too-orange color and this was great as it is a nice coral color. It has a pink undertone which helps to fit well with my skin complexion without washing me out.

 Medusa is a deep plum color without any other hues. Strictly purple. This lipstick has a very little amount of sparkle, barely enough so I'd still call it matte.

Black Cherry looks a deep dark lip color but depending on how you apply it, the color can be a very natural red. Best described as rouge.


The texture of all these lippies is smooth so they glide on very well. The color is very pigmented for each of them but I do know that some NYX round lipsticks can be quite sheer depending on the shade you choose. I personally mix some of these colors to get some insanely pretty colors too(ex: pink lyric x medusa = PERF). Also, these stay on pretty well without much smearing and smudging. Overall I think it's a really good lipstick :)

So I am going to get some more, I just know it.
There are soo many shades to pick from and I am not done trying them out yet AND they are just $3.50 so uhm. Why not?

You guys should check them out too!

And if you have, how do you like these?

June 14, 2014


How are y'all doing??
This is the second part of my review from MapleLens. Previously I reviewed the Eyes Cream Choccomousse which I liked a lot.

So second up for review:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

The grey color has a slight blue hue to it and I quite like that. The center is yet again another yellow burst which adds dimension to the design. If you look closely at how the design is, it looks like flower petals all around. There a a very thin black ring around the outer edge surrounded by another extremely light grey ring that borders the lenses.

They enlarge well for my taste but it might be considered just minimal enlargement.

These also felt very comfortable but they did dry out my eyes a bit faster than the choccomousse lenses that I reviewed previously.

I'd give this a 4.5 if I could for these. I was expecting a darker color to show up(which is actually what I wanted) but these were brighter! Not in a bad way. They are still very nice but they don't come off as natural. I love these lenses - or any vibrant grey lenses - when paired with a red lip though!

Here's the link to the lenses:

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June 10, 2014

EYESCREAM Choccomousse Review

I've got two circle lens reviews both from MapleLens!
They are Eyes Cream Choccomousse and EOS Rain Shower Grey.

First up, like the title says are the

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.7mm
Life Span : 3 Month Disposal
Available Prescription : -0.00 ~ -6.00

The color puts choco into choccomousse because, well, t's a chocolate color! It's a rich dark brown with a lighter burst in the center. The design is very pretty and can be slightly seen when up close. The design helps give your eyes that pop while still looking relatively natural.

Anything gives me enlargement it seems, hah. My irises are quite small even though people may say I have "big eyes" well, these lenses gave me big eyes alright. you can tell from the photo how it enlarged my eyes. I like the enlargement factors of 14.5mm lenses in general though :)

These were great! I did not feel them at all and they hardly dried my eyes out.

Honestly, I was looking to get a pair that was natural yet not too natural that nobody would think I was wearing lenses. Gurl gotta mesmerize with these eyes! haha

I have been eyeing these specific lenses and thought it was great that I had the chance to review them. If you have been looking for some good every day lenses too then here's the link to these:

And don't forget that there is a giveaway going on to win $50 credit to shop on MapleLens!
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Take care!

June 5, 2014

My New Hurr(with Palty)

Sorry that this isn't a tutorial :( but this is to share my new hair color and show that you can achieve a nice ombre yourself with palty foam hair dyes! I wanted to ombre my hair because I figured it would be perfect for a lazy person. I mean, no need for dying regrowth? Hello.

I had dark hair for over a year and was pretty done with it. So I colored my hair :)
Specifically in the color hard bleach and creamy caramel and a little bit of some brown color.
I did bleach my hair twice at the ends to achieve an almost platinum blonde color. That way when I put an ash brown over it, it became an ash blonde.

I had a friend help me out to do this and we never did an ombre before even though we always dye each others' hair. I was afraid of it turning out jagged and uneven but the result was a nice gradient!

The process was really watching youtube videos, playing around, and "trial and it'll work". The color(irl) goes from my black roots, to a dark brown, to a light brown... to a honey brown, to an ash blonde :) Lots of colors in a gradual way = SUCCESS IT'S A NICE OMBRE

I do plan to make the ombre go a bit higher in a few months. So if anyone is interested in a tutorial for that do let me know! But for now, this post just seems to be one for me to spam my face. Gosh.

Anyways, I'm hosting a giveaway for circle lenses, so check that out while you're here :)

Take care,


Hey y'all.

I'll be reviewing two lenses from MapleLens soon but before that, they have kindly sponsored a giveaway for you circle lens lovers! It's not just winning a pair of lenses girls(and guys ;D) but the winner will get a $50 credit to their account!

So let me hush up and get the giveaway started.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway will end on July 9th, 2014 so that gives you plenty of time to enter.
I'll be emailing the winner with instructions on how to receive their prize so please check your email when the giveaway is over!

So join and take care!

May 15, 2014


Harro, It's been a while since I posted and I must say that I probably won't be back to posting regularly(once a week). Blogging will just be a pass time for me now as I am too busy to keep up with it the way I did before. I hope that doesn't discourage any of you from checking out my blog from time to time though! Or if you are subscribed to me via bloglovin' you'll get the updates anyways :)

Unto the makeup tutorial doe~
 Spring is officially here and everyone went crazy over the sakura. I don't blame them, they're so pretty!
So when spring comes along all the peoples bring out their pastels, pinks, yellow and vibrant clothes out. Why not bring them out of our makeup bag too?

(Click on the tutorial for a larger view)

It's a bit of a bold look for me, but once in a while it's fun for a change :)
I'm a spring baby(March!), what about you?

THT Christina

April 18, 2014

Simple Gradient Doll Lips

There are enough tutorials on gradient lips out there already. But oh well~ I want to use this chance to show how the Tony Moly lip tints(I reviewed the two lip tints in my previous post here!) work to achieve a gradient lip. 

And share this GIF :P

I prefer the lower lip to be more gradient with the upper lip being more filled so you look more alive. I think doing this will create more of a dolly shape since it accents the cupids bow.
Without the filter:

TIP: After completing these steps, you can apply some lip balm with your finger to smooth out the gradient even further. It also will restore moisture lost due to the concealer and constant blending.

The lip tint used in this post is the Tony Moly Cat Chu in #2 Red. In this artificial lighting it appears a lot more pink than red. But you can check out the review here: CLICK


April 16, 2014

TONY MOLY Cat Chu Lip Tint (No. 2 & 3)

I don't know about you, but I've been abusing something called lip tint. Whoever made this stuff is GENIUS! I always saw Tony Moly lip tints pop up when I search for some and I went ahead and got two colors from their Cat Chu line because I'm a sucker for cats.

It was when I was obsessed with orange lip colors that made me want this color and it's orange alright. And I was in loooove. It's bright but not overpowering and the shade is very wearable even for those with a more olive skin tone(me). 

This color can be very bold! I have a way of applying this one so as not to make it too red and that is by applying as little of the tint as possible then smudging it haha With this color, it can come off as a reddish pink or just a solid red depending on how much you apply! There is a pink option called Cherry Pink if you think red is a bit much.

As soon as I got these two lip tints every. single. day. They are my quick go to lippies :) I've used up half of each already! I got them almost a year ago but there's still plenty left. The color for both last very long, almost 5 hours without touching up. And I drink a lot of water and tea btw. Once the lip tint is applied and dried it doesn't smudge nor transfer it's color. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for lip tints to try! They work great as a base for lipstick as well, makes the color more vibrant and long lasting. 

I got these off Ebay, I don't have the links anymore but I got them from a seller based in Korea. Hopefully you can try them too!

Used and abused:

It's a cat for the cap :3

April 9, 2014

{KKCenterHK} Au Naturel

Yes, it's contradictory as they are falsies ;)

Thanks to KKCenterHK I've had the chance to try and review so many great lashes and these are another wonderful pair! These looked natural while delivering a good amount of length and I got more than what I expected.

Very long! However, it is still within a passable or rather "natural" length. If comparing them to other designs, they would be on par in length. But the difference is that these are far more natural.

Although these lashes do have a fair amount of volume it isn't the key here. Having tiny, shorter lashes between the longer ones do aid with this though. Mascara on your natural lashes can fix this well :) 

To describe these lashes, I'd say they look like lash extensions. The design is so natural and light. Quality? No complaints. The band is transparent and thin. The ends don't bother me even when applied closer to the inner corner(you can see this is the photo above). The only thing is to be careful when removing the lashes from the box as pulling the adhesive off can disarrange the lashes.

So there, there~ if you would like to get these, 
click on the link: 


go to KKCenterHK to check out what else they have!

Feel free to use tht-christina for 10% off your order as well :)

THT Christina