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November 13, 2013

{KKCenterHK} OOh Them Lashes

Hi hi,

Here's a review for y'all :)

These lashes are from and every time I see ones with an arrangement like this, I instantly think of a more dolly (or gyaru!) look. I played around with a blonde wig I had that was sitting inside a bag... for a long time in the corner.

Do I ever have complaints about KKCenterHK lashes? Not that I know of. And simply because the quality of their lashes always are up to par! The band is super thin and the lashes aren't glued but tied around the band so I find lashes that are made this way are much more comfortable. These are also quite light because the bulk of the volume is in the center.

Speaking of volume.. these are meant to give you a rounder eye look as the volume is concentrated in the center and a little less on the outer edges. The length is fairly long and the lashes are curled moderately.

View from above:

So here are some snaps of the lashes in their box :D

And let me end this post with some extra selfies LOL

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Have a nice day!


  1. oh my gosh your hair looks so good! you are such a doll<3

    1. Thank you Samantha :3 I've always to try blonde hair :P

  2. youre so cute!! so dollish and gyaaru >.<
    new follower here, mind to followback? ^^

  3. I reviewed these too and I absolutely adore them!
    This look suits you <3

    1. I remember you reviewing these! They are super dolly aren't they? ^^
      And thank you!

  4. wow it looks so cute :)
    Love Saralina♥