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November 21, 2013

[Sheerskin] PERFECT NATURAL Vita Sunblock

I HIGHLY dislike getting tanned. 

There's nothing wrong with being tanned at all though! I personally just do not like how I look with a darker complexion, though there was a time when I loved it. Maybe I have been too influenced by all the Oriental Asians over the years haha


Although suncream can help prevent your skin from getting more tanned, it does more than just that. You may already know, but applying suncream helps against skin radiation, skin discoloration and wrinkles. So it's important to wear suncream every time you go out!

Personally, I go for a sunblock that leaves little shine/grease with high SPF and PA.
SPF and PA are important factors in how your sunblock works and for how long as well as their ingredients so be sure to look out for that!

Here's a brief on what those actually mean: SPF determines the length of time the cream will work against the suns rays(UVB) whereas PA lets you know the strength of protection you will get from it.


Now for the review, is launching a new brand Sheerskin and I was sent their sunblock which has SPF 50+ and PA+++

The Sheerskin Vita Sunblock is focused on more natural resources and aims to give its users a natural look. Also said to be beneficial to your skin and completely safe for children to use :)

You can tell from the packaging that Sheerskin is striving to live up to being eco friendly. They've also written that they focus less on packaging so they can put their resources into the the actual product. I like the packaging, it's simple, clean and refreshing.

Here's a photo where it shows you the size of the product. Quite compact, it fits right between my fingers.

The finish is completely natural as it claims! The cream is very much like a moisturizer and leaves no shine or grease or stickiness whatsoever, in fact, it's almost as if it helps to create a more matte look. Additionally, at first when freshly applied the skin does look a bit brightened(see photo below). There is also a very mild scent. 
Smells natural haha

Face shot:

And then there's the breakdown:

High SPF and PA
Light and mild smell
Natural matte finish, no shine or stickiness
Made with natural resources, thus is safe and even beneficial for your skin
Simple and clean packaging
Compact travel size


If interested, the Sheerskin products will soon be up at

Let me know your thoughts on suncream, do you wear it every day? Orrrr just when you remember to? *cough* ;P

Thanks for reading!


  1. Being tanned is such a big obsession these days and i'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy being a darker complexion hehe :P This sunscreen sounds like its a really great product, i especially love how it doesn't leave an extremely white cast on the skin after application which is what a lot of sunscreens tend to do! Btww~ Are you wearing falsies in that picture or are those your real eyelashes because they look absolutely gorgeous and they're so long!!


  2. I thought I was tan until I looked at myself in better lighting... I'm super pale! I love it haha. I also love how this sunscreen isn't all sticky like most sunscreens are. I might have to check it out :)

  3. Haha in the western world it is! But yes, I know a few who would prefer being less tanned, though we aren't the majority lol And I'm not wearing falsies, but I'm wearing waterproof mascara and curl the life out of my lashes LOL Thank you ^^

  4. Haha I WISH I was super pale! I'm pretty sure these will be in stock soon, I was really content with how the texture was. Most sunscreens don't give that feel but leave a residue :/

  5. Omgg are you serious?? Your eyelashes are so amazing, i'm so jealous because i have really short stubby asian lashes :(

  6. haha d'ohhh thanks~ My mom says she cut my eyelashes when I was a kid *cough old wives tales* but what I found that helps is to heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer and curl AFTER my mascara dries. I've been doing that for years and I like the results :)

  7. i like your skin :))
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  8. boo, i just bought new SPF lol. cuz i realized i was getting a lot of new sun spots. horrible! i like how ur sun screen makes your skin look after you apply though.

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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  9. ahh your skin is so perf! and haha I like getting my body tanned but not so much my face, it's quite unattractive that way for!